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We are avid deer hunters located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  We founded the company, built and maintain the website ourselves and enjoy talking deer and deer hunting with everybody.  Please feel free to leave a comment or upload a photo of your last big buck on our blog.

Josh During the course of the past few hunting seasons, our hunting group has transitioned from hunting via the traditional deer drive to stand hunting.  We found that we were more effective hunting out of well placed stands than trying to shoot at running deer.  We also found that when we drove deer, our neighbors were usually the beneficiaries as we would move deer past them.

We decided we would change our ways and stand hunt from morning until dusk.  The first year we did this it rained all day and we were out of our stands by 9:00.  The next year it was 15 degrees with a wind-chill of 0 and again, we were out of our stands by 9:00 in the morning.

Brent So the next year we designed and built 5 deer stands for our group.  A ton of thought went into the design of these stands and the results and feedback from other members in our group have been tremendous.  We are now able to hunt in the rain, snow, cold, wind or whatever else Mother Nature throws at us.  Since we are able to hunt all day, we see more deer AND the deer we do see are moving naturally and give us better shots.

We have field tested the product and personally wouldn’t hunt in anything else.

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