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A Typical Stand Setup

A typical stand setup has three main components.

1. One free-standing base and platform
2. Four prefabricated walls
3. One prefabricated roof to keep you warm and dry

Our stands are easy to build on your own from detailed plans. If you choose instead to buy a prefabricated stand, setup is easy. Simply follow these instructions and your stand can be assembled in about 30-45 minutes. At least two people are needed for assembly.

1. Setup the base in the desired location. Place wood or concrete blocks under the post legs. Level the platform by adding or removing soil under the blocks.

2. Use a ladder to send one or two guys up to the platform. Hand up the front wall.

3. Using three outdoor wood screws, screw the front wall into the floor flush with the side of the stand base.

4. Hand up one of the side walls.

5. Using three screws, screw the side wall to the floor flush with the side of the stand base and flush with the front wall. When finished screwing the side wall to the floor, screw the front wall and the side wall together using three screws.

6. Repeat for the second side wall.

7. Before you screw the fourth wall (door wall) to the stand, hand the roof up. Place the roof on the top of the three walls already screwed in place.

8. Hand the last wall up to the stand. Fit in place and screw three screws in the floor. Make sure the roof fits well and then screw three screws into each side wall.

7. Finish the stand by affixing the roof by screwing three screws from the roof into each side wall. Your stand is now complete.

8. Find an ideal spot for your next stand and repeat!

December 9th, 2009
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