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We are avid deer hunters located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.  We founded the company, built and maintain the website ourselves and enjoy talking deer and deer hunting with everybody.  Please ...
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If you're an avid deer hunter or just a weekend warrior, you've probably experienced your fair share of disappointment during past gun deer seasons. The only thing worse than spending all day watching the squirrels play is watching the squirrels play while sitting in an wobbly tree stand with a tree limb poking the back of your head. Add in a soaking drizzle or icy wind and your misery quickly outweighs your interest.

But...when you sit in an 8' , 10' or 12' box stand with your own plush chair, asphalt roof and Plexiglas sliding windows, no tree limb, rain or wind will cut your hunt short.

If you're an experienced carpenter, order our detailed stand plans and build your own custom box stand. If time is tight, we will build one of our standard 8' , 10' or 12' box stands for you.

See our stands in the field and order yours today.